Zamboni machines in Canadian NHL teams colours

Zamboni machines in Canadian NHL teams colours

Living in the Land of Hockey (aka Canada), as I do, hockey is often used as a pull to bring you in an fraternize an establishment — Like Tim Horton’s coffee shops. Not only was Tim Horton himself an NHL player before he started his first coffee shop — which, in itself may be a reason for you to want to plunk your hard earned down for a coffee and a doughnut, Tims (as we call it here in Quebec) is luring you in with hockey cards. Among those are 87 cards that have been personally signed by #87 himself, Sidney Crosby.

There are so many different examples I could give you — you just have to believe me that hockey is a big pull. Even Canada Post, the USPS of Canada, is big into hockey.

Canada Post

Back in 2014, Canada Post released an NHL edition that included first day covers and envelopes featuring each of the original six NHL arenas, featuring different a Canadian player associated with those original six teams on a stamp.  For the Boston Gardens, for example, the stamp features, of course, #4, Bobby Orr.

senator-stampsBut the NHL collection goes beyond players and arenas to the Zamboni resurfacing machines and on the ice of the seven Canadian teams. And, in addition to stamps, and first day covers, you can get postcards featuring the Zambonis from each of the different teams. I chose to feature the stamp featuring the Zamboni from the Winnipeg Jets because, although they’re all cool, the Jets’ Zamboni is WAY COOL.

Even though these have been released two years ago, they are still available for sale, ranging from $6.95 for the envelopes to $42,50 for a roll of stamps. The Zamboni postcards are, I believe, $15 each.

Very cool. See the NHL Collection at Canada Post.

And that brings me to the Share and Get Rewarded part of this post. I have a limited number of items from this collection and will share them with you, in return for a picture of you at work in the arena that I can use on the website. I need to know your name, your snail mail address, and some information about the picture. And, if you didn’t take the picture yourself but had someone else take it, tell me who that was and give me their email address — and I’ll send them a thank you too. You can send it in an email to

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