When you take inventory and find that some things just don’t belong together, it’s time to do something about it.

That’s what I’m doing with The Hockey Mom.

Because The Hockey Mom was supposed to be about hockey.

Not solar panels or a facility’s phantom energy spend.

Hockey is hockey. But ice arenas, that’s a topic on its own.

To do that, I’m launching Re-Surfacing.com — and, like The Hockey Mom, I couldn’t believe the URL was available! But it was, so I guess that it’s meant to be.

I’m hoping you’ll check it out and, especially if an ice arena is where you work or a part of your job, please subscribe to the blog. And if you work in an arena, I’m looking for pictures of you at work. Pictures that tell a story. And I’ll reward you for getting to be part of the Re-Surfacing gallery. But more about that a little further down.

There are SO MANY GREAT stories to tell of the men and women who make it possible for us and our children to skate and play. And, with changing attitudes to single-purpose facilities moving into the crosshairs, municipalities struggling with ageing infrastructures and equipment, and new advancements, techniques and sustainability moving into the public consciousness, those are the kinds of stories I’ll be bringing. Highlighting what others are doing that are making a difference, to the cost of their ice time — and to the environment.

I’ve got a vision for it and know that it will grow, over time.

So please, come take a look at Re-surfacing.com and subscribe. And, if you send me a picture of you at work in an arena, I’ll send you a little something in return for letting me use your picture. Send it to info@re-surfacing.com .