A new year means new initiatives, and that includes me! On January 29th, I’ll be hosting the #2020Vision Lunch & Learn. It’s all about energy- and resource-saving methods for indoor ice arenas and it will be held at the WinSport Arena in Calgary. I’ve hash tagged it as #2020Vision because we need a clear path to reducing our arenas’ energy spends and waste of resources and this is an opportunity to find out how.

I’ve hand-picked the vendors and invited folks who are actively involved in energy audits to attend.

Towns, cities, non-profits and for-profits alike are all feeling the pinch of higher utility rates and, in some cases, diminishing user groups. We all know that indoor ice arenas are energy hogs but there are solutions on the market that lower that demand significantly, with very reasonable paybacks. Reducing an arena’s consumption not only means lower greenhouse gas emissions, it makes the arena less expensive to run. And everybody wants that. And they want systems that are less expensive to run — without compromising quality.

Having at-hand solutions is critical for all players – arena owners and managers, parks and recreation managers, energy managers, engineers and elected representatives. That’s what I’m bringing to the table with this lunch and learn. On hand will be four Alberta companies — Switch Advanced Lighting Solutions, specializing in LEDs, Guest Automation with integrated energy management systems for ice rinks; Hack-to-Hack and Goal-to-Goal Solution with ice paint alternatives, and Sprung Structures with cost-effective and low-maintenance alternatives to brick-and-mortar buildings. BC-based REALice Canada will be on hand, represented by Håkan Gronlünd from REALice’s worldwide distributor, H2OVortex from Europe, and the Ice3 refrigeration system from Emerald Environmental will also be presented.

We’re especially proud to be hosting it at WinSport’s Markin McPhail Centre – a LEED-certified Silver facility.

If you’d like to know more, please add a comment to this page and I’ll contact you directly.

It’s going to be a great year, and a great decade. Let’s make it count.

-Colleen O’Shea
Greener Arena Solutions Inc.