Author: Colleen O'Shea

The Temporarily Permanent Twin Pads in Veterans Park’s Parking Lot

With USA Hockey player registration rates increasing nationally by 21% over the past ten years — to over half a million registered players — ice time is often scarce and available only at a premium. That’s how it was in Norwalk, CT. Arenas in the surrounding Fairfield County were selling ice time north of the $500-600/hour mark, but even those high prices don’t curb the demand for ice time. Land prices are also high, so any public or private arena plans were quickly shelved, considered economically unsustainable. Ryan Hughes is involved with both North American Rink Management and North...

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Speed Up Your Event-to-Hockey Conversions with this Homemade Skid

Eric Brindza found Jason Paquin’s plans of how to build a paint cart and modified them. Now he’s got an accessory which is more an ice-building skid than a paint cart for his utility vehicle. And get this: it’s cutting his event-to-hockey conversion time in half… Jason Paquin’s Build-Your-Own Paint Cart Plans I was talking to Jason Paquin a couple of weeks back and he asked if I had heard anything from a guy in Arizona. Now if you’ve read my posts before, you’ve probably read about Jason — as he is often a source of story ideas and...

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Keeping Hockey Stink Out of Locker Rooms

I don’t have a particularly sensitive nose, but even I am not immune to that foul of foul smells that hockey equipment brings. By just opening the door to many an arena, that underlying smell quickly surrounds you, circling your ankles and working its way up to your nose. In many arenas, the hockey stink is always there. Stale. Lingering. Nauseating. Team locker rooms are much, much worse. Or, at least, they can be. The first team locker room I was ever in was at the Scottrade Center for the St. Louis Blues, during hockey season. It was part...

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