Author: Colleen O'Shea

Keeping Hockey Stink Out of Locker Rooms

I don’t have a particularly sensitive nose, but even I am not immune to that foul of foul smells that hockey equipment brings. By just opening the door to many an arena, that underlying smell quickly surrounds you, circling your ankles and working its way up to your nose. In many arenas, the hockey stink is always there. Stale. Lingering. Nauseating. Team locker rooms are much, much worse. Or, at least, they can be. The first team locker room I was ever in was at the Scottrade Center for the St. Louis Blues, during hockey season. It was part...

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Energy Star Benchmarking and Why Your Ice Rink Should Participate

Energy Star Benchmarking Last week, I met Gordie Snook, the General Manager of Facilities and Operations of the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. Ever since I read that Business Week named that arena one of the 10 most impressive sports venues in the world, I had wanted to see first hand what sets it apart. I was mega impressed (and have enough material to write for days — so stay tuned!) But it’s something that Gordie mentioned in passing that made me super excited, that Energy Star Benchmarking for ice arenas and curling rinks is...

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C02 and the New Crop of Ice Rinks

Four years ago, when too much snow made the roof collapse at the Gimo Arena in Osthammar, Sweden, the municipality had two options. Tear it down, or restore it. When they restored it, they did using C02 as both their primary and secondary refrigerant, marking the start of a revolution in the operations of ice rinks in Sweden. For Lasse Karlsson, the Technical Contact for the Municipality of Osthammar, tearing what was left of the old barn down seemed evident — especially when considering the extent of the damage the collapsed section of roof had made. The roof would...

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