Do you work in an arena? If you do, I’d like you to share that with me and the readers of the site.

The Share part of Share and Get Rewarded

To do that, all you need to do is send me a selfie of you at work — driving your Zamboni/Olympia/Engo/OKAY etc., or doing the edging, sweeping up, painting the ice, selling tickets — whatever you do, I’d like to see it and have it featured on my site in a gallery for everyone to see. I want to know your name, your position and, if there’s equipment featured, tell me what it is. Oh…and I’ll need to know your snail mail address too in order for me to reward you for your picture.

Now for the Get Rewarded part!

If you read my Canada Post post, you’ll know there is an NHL collection that features resurfacers on stamps and postcards, and I have a limited supply of both. I’ll be able to reward the first 50 who send me their arena pictures with a thank-you from this collection.

If the picture was taken by someone else, I’ll need to know who took it and I’ll need to have their email address too so I can confirm that I really have permission to use it. And they’ll get rewarded too!

Because I think that people should be able to see the kind of work that goes on at an ice arena, the behind the scenes stuff that’s not always up front and visible to the skaters, players or visitors to an arena. And by sharing, you’ll be able to share your pic with your friends and family and tell them that you’re on Re-surfacing!

Isn’t that easy? Share, and get rewarded with

For the moment, until I get my forms sorted out, the only way you will be able to share is by sending an email to


Colleen O’Shea
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer